Special Features - Biodiversity

Key AONB Habitats UK BAP priority habitat Key AONB Species UK BAP priority species
Lowland mixed deciduous woodland Yes Dormouse Yes
Lowland dry acid grassland Yes Bats – Lesser Horseshoe Barbastelle Soprano Pipistrelle Bechsteins Yes
Lowland calcareous grassland Yes Bullfinch Yes
Lowland meadows Yes Skylark Yes
Traditional orchards Yes Song Thrush Yes
Wood pasture and parkland Yes Great Crested Newt Yes
Veteran trees No High Brown Fritillary Butterfly Yes
Rivers and streams Yes Black Poplar No
Hedgerows and hedgerow trees Yes Polecat Yes
Ponds Yes Barn Owl No
Wet woodland Yes Adder Yes
Wet woodland Yes Peregrine Falcon No
Wet woodland Yes Noble Chafer Yes