Special Features - Landscape

  • The prominent steeply sloping principal ridge contrasting with the flat land to the east and south and the gently undulating hills to the west and north.
  • Extensive areas of acid grassland and heath on the hill tops, with rough grazing.
  • Mixed broadleaved woodland often of ancient origin on the lower hills and valleys in the north and west.
  • Fields of pasture bordered by hedgerows and often containing hedgerow trees.
  • Formalised, enclosed commons in the east with regular hedgerow boundaries.
  • Unenclosed commons to the south east with a strong sense of wildness.
  • Arable fields to the south with regular hedged boundaries and straight roads.
  • Scattered settlements and small wayside cottages, particularly by the commons.
  • Far-reaching views from and towards the AONB.