Draft Guidance Documents

Now out for public consultation.

Have your say on new draft guidance for development visible in views to and from the hills and for external lighting.

The Malvern Hills AONB (MHAONB) is renowned for its natural beauty and magnificent views. Locals and visitors to the area also enjoy the beauty of the dark night sky.  The AONB Partnership has produced two new guidance documents which can help to protect views both at day time and at night time.

The first document, titled; Guidance on respecting landscape in views aims to help conserve and, where possible, enhance views to and from the AONB. It sets out a number of principles which should be considered by those involved in planning new developments. It aims for appropriate and respectful decision-making at a site level in order to safeguard the views which are such a valued and special feature of the area.

The second document, titled; Good practice guide for outdoor lighting in the Malvern Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty aims to promote good practice in external lighting. It encourages a reduction in light pollution, enabling people to see the stars more clearly whilst also saving energy and minimising the impact of lighting on wildlife, people and on our natural landscapes.

We would welcome your views on this guidance. Please submit any comments you may have (referencing sections as closely as possible) to aonb@worcestershire.gov.uk. All consultation responses should be submitted by 4th March 2019.

Use these links to view the draft guidance documents.