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The Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project website is now live.

With their tall fruit trees standing in pasture, traditional orchards are a much loved part of the Three Counties landscape. For centuries now they have been bound up in the lives and livelihoods of our local communities, providing us with the inspiration for food, music, poetry, art and dance.

They are special places for wildlife too. Their ancient sites have often been unchanged for centuries and their hedges, pastures and trees provide the perfect conditions for many plants and animals, some of them endangered.

Sadly though, up to 80% have been lost in recent years, sometimes because of development but mainly due to neglect. Unlike woodlands orchards are man made and need people to manage them if they are to survive. The Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project aimed to restore some of these traditional orchards across the Three Counties – Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Herefordshire – by training a pool of volunteers to help look after local orchards in their area.

Watch the short film below to find out what we’ve been up to.

Latest news

February 2019

The Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project has now ended.

After five years the project has now drawn to a close. Over 9000 people took part in 147 events and training days, 500 new trees were planted out, 34 orchards were restored and 40 people trained as Orchard Champions. You can read about all that we did on the TCTOP website www.tctop.org.uk.

Or if you have a few moments why not watch our film (to the left). It shows many of our activities over an orchard year, and hopefully the fun we had in being part of the project.

January 2019

We have produced a report on  ‘what to do with excess fruit’.

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