Funding and Grants

Farming in Protected Landscapes Grants.

This is for larger grants and covers improvements to the natural environment, cultural heritage and public access. Please visit our dedicated Farming in Protected Landscapes page.

Sustainable Development Fund and small Landscape Grants

The AONB grant scheme covers both the Sustainable Development Fund (SDF) and the Landscape Grants (LG) . Both aim to support projects that bring social, environmental and economic benefits to the AONB and which help to deliver the Malvern Hills AONB Management Plan.

In terms of SDF grants, you do not have to live or work within the AONB to be eligible, but you must be able to demonstrate that your project will have a positive impact upon the area.

If you have an idea for a SDF project, please contact Karen Humphries T: 01905 845056

Landscape Grants are aimed at supporting practical work and projects that help to enhance the landscape, biodiversity and countryside character of the AONB. The grant scheme is aimed at small landowners, Parish Councils, community groups and other individuals, provided the land on which the application falls lies within the boundary of the Malvern Hills AONB.

If you have an idea for a Landscape Grant please contact Paul Esrich  T: 01905 845057

Last year more than £11,000 was awarded through the AONB grant streams to a variety of community groups, individuals and local organisations. These grants help to enhance the AONB and the lives of people associated with it.

View examples of previously supported projects