Condition Monitoring Introduction

Monitoring the condition of the AONB is a vital exercise. It provides a yardstick against which to measure the many efforts to conserve and enhance the area and may also provide an early warning that things are going wrong. The Malvern Hills AONB Partnership has established a methodology for monitoring change in the condition of the key attributes of the area, including its landscape, biodiversity, geology, tranquility and the historic and built environment.

The State of the AONB Report

State of the AONB reports are produced every five years. The reports present data on a core suite of indicators which, taken together, paint a picture of the overall health of the AONB. Each new State of the AONB report provides a comparison with previous data so readers can understand whether the condition of key attributes in the area is improving or declining.

Download the 2018 State of the AONB report

Download the 2014 State of the AONB report
Download the 2009 State of the AONB report
Download the 2006 State of the AONB report

Traffic Flows

Traffic flows in different parts of the AONB are monitored via a small network of traffic counters,  Some counters are permanent and record data constantly, others are temporary and record data only at certain times of the year.  Over time, data from these counters will help to show how traffic – one of the factors which impacts most on the traquility of the AONB – is changing. We ensure that all are monitored for the same period of time each year for reliable readings.

Malvern Hills AONB Traffic Monitoring Summary 2009 – 2018

Landscape Monitoring

Monitoring landscape condition is a key component of the AONB Partnership’s monitoring work and features in the State of the AONB reports. The approach uses fixed point photography to provide a visual record of the area’s distinctive types of landscape (Landscape Description Units) and how they change over time. This part of the website allows you to view these photographic images in more detail.

View Landscape monitoring images